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Apr 03, 2020

5 Artsy Accents to Spice Up Your Home


Designing the interior of your home is more than just throwing in a bunch of furniture and hoping for the best. These days, letting your own unique personality shine through is a fool-proof aesthetic of its own. Show off your quirky style and liven up your home with these artsy accents and decor.

1. Trigg Wall Display

Keeping plants is possibly the best trend to come out of 2019, and should always be a mainstay in any home. Not only do plants brighten up any room they’re in, but also improve the moods of people who come across them, as well as provide a little extra boost of oxygen. The plants provide a touch of natural elegance to any room, while the geometric pattern of the trigg adds visual interest and modern flair. This is perfect for those who love a classic look, but with a modern edge.

2. Geometric Trays (4pc Set)

Bring the vibrant splashes of color and wild angles of the 80’s back into your home with these geometric trays. These trays come in sets of 4 that can easily be assembled and separated. They also come in bright pastel colors that can easily complement any surface you place them on. Use them to liven up tea time, hold candies or treats at parties, or as interesting dividers for smaller items like keys, jewelry, and other knick-knacks.

3. Racktus

Whether you’re into plants or aren’t blessed by the ability to keep them alive, this little cactus key rack—aptly named “Racktus” — will hold your keys and keep them safe for you. It’s sparingly painted for a rustic, old Western finish, but comes with a sturdy wooden base that makes it upright but portable.  Place this little unit on any surface and you’ll be glad that it’s not only cute but it’s also functional. Other uses for this racktus include holding watches, jewelry, and charging cords

4. 18K Gold-Plated Agate Coasters (Blue Sapphire)