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Jul 02, 2020

8 Tips in Creating a Relaxing Haven at Home

The demands of everyday life can sometimes be a little overwhelming. To address it, we take comfort in looking for distractions. Stress-eating; binge-watching our favorite shows; social media-browsing until the wee hours of the morning; popping open a bottle of champagne and promising to drink a glass but ended up finishing it all up. You name it, we’ve done at least one, if not all, at some point. Then we wake up the following feeling restless and tired.

It’s a never-ending cycle.

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the reason for all this is that we fail to create a safe and relaxing space at home? A place where we can forget all the hustle and bustle and just focus on ourself.

You may say, “oh, I have thought of that, but that sounds too costly. I can’t afford that.” Just stop right there. Creating a relaxing space need not cost too much. Good thing, there are a lot of ways you can turn any space into your own happy place. Best part? None of them will require you to splurge a lot, and we know of a “genie” who can help you with this home-sprucing up project!

Here are tips on how to build your very own zen corner in your home:

Tip 1 - Declutter and Organize

Nothing beats the feeling of retreating to a place that’s clean. Decluttering and organizing your space will give you a sense of spaciousness, and will allow you to move freely around, shares Interior Designer Raiza Poquiz. Once you get rid of all the unnecessary junk in your house, maintain the cleanliness by getting a nice waste bin so you won’t forget to throw away your trash. Storage boxes can address all your organizing woes, too!


Tip 2 - Have your own spot

Yes, a safe place within your safe space can help you unwind. Even a small corner where you can read a book, write, or listen to your favorite tunes.

Architect Anthony Eulogio shares that having even a small window, preferable with a nice view, can make a difference if you feel like just staring outside and letting the natural air calm you down. 

Tip 3 - Have a good ventilation in place

Since natural air is kind of hard to enjoy in our very humid country, investing in an air conditioning unit is a must

A little too steep for your wallet? Perhaps a nice, Instagram-able, retractable ceiling fan can help cool your place down.



Tip 4 – Surround yourself with lots of natural light

Architect Anthony recommends having lots of [sources of ] natural light. Studies show that vitamin D plays an important role in regulating mood and boosting your happy hormones. Feel free and soak up all that good vitamins. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Once the sun sets and you feel like winding down, opt for dim lights and candles to set the mood.