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Dec 26, 2020

Give Your Holiday Spread A Merry Makeover With These Tips

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexel 

You’ve hung the lights, dressed up the tree (hopefully), and turned your home into a holiday wonderland, and now it’s time to give thought to your Media Noche spread. 


Aside from working on the menu and finalizing the decors, you also need to consider your dining area. Think of it as the big cherry on top. After all the hard work you exerted in sprucing up your place, time to start the festivities in style.


If you are looking for some ideas on how to bring cheer to your dining table, here are some ideas that you can try:


Know what to splurge and save on 

One common mistake is over decorating. Karla Zulueta, CEO of Aperitif, says it’s better to save on additional decorative pieces and spend on timeless pieces. 

“Themes and designs always change, so save on unnecessary decors. Splurge on pieces that are timeless that you can use over time, (items) that can remind you of Christmas,” she shares. “So every time you bring out that piece you instantly connect it with the Holiday season.”

She recommends a classic piece such as candelabras and golden or stainless platters. Chafing dishes are nice to have too, as you can always reuse them for any party, and even after the holidays.

Product Recos:

1. Candelabra


        Eden Candelabra (Tall) by Fashion Interiors by Paul Cornelisse, Price: P7,200.00

2. Placemat


        Gold Placemat by Homescapes PH, P399.00 

3. Crystal Glass Tumbler


       Geometric Gold Rim Tumbler by Cossette & Simone Gift Artisan Studio, P350.00

Decide on the look 

“I love using sparkles and gold, but it depends on your taste!” says Karla. “My holiday spread will always have glitters, crystals, marble, and gold elements.”


Choose the holiday feel that you are going for. Do you love sparkles like Karla? Then perhaps you can incorporate Christmas lights, or light-up decors to your table spread. Are you going for a more traditional vibe? Opt for a wreathe as a centerpiece instead of flowers. Or are you in a minimalist mood? Fill up a glass jar with Christmas balls and you’re good to go. 


Product Recos:

1. Wreathe 


    Wreathe Large (45cm) by Designer Blooms, P3,699

2. LED Light Star 


    Star with LED Light by Designer Blooms, P2,999.00

3. Christmas Balls 


    DB Platinum 16cm Balls by Designer Blooms, P1,299.00

Mix and match your dinnerware

The beauty of hosting Christmas, or any home parties for that matter, is that you can inject your own flair in how you design your table. 


We love coordinating our dinnerware down to the utensils. But for the holidays, don’t be afraid to mix and match your plates. For a traditional look, get plates in bright red and green. If you want a more sophisticated vibe, you may opt for black and white or even try a classy blue and gold combo.


Product Recos:

1. Red Damask Dinnerware Set 


    Homescapes Red Damask Dinnerware Set by Homescapes PH, P3,999.00

2. Green Marble Swirl Dinnerware Set


    Homescapes Green Marble Swirl Dinnerware Set by Homescapes PH, P3,999.00

3. Black Filigree Dinnerware Set


     Homescapes Black Filigree Dinnerware Set by Homescapes PH, P3,999.00

4. Blue Marble Swirl Dinnerware Set


    Homescapes Blue Marble Swirl Dinnerware Set by Homescapes PH, P3,999.00

Master the art of leveling 

Another hack to optimize space and add dimension into your holiday spread is to use risers. Beautifully leveled plates and dishes showcase your food and make them attractive to your guests. 


For this you can repurpose other objects in your home. Karla recommends using books as risers. You can add some candles around to complete the look. Aside from books, you can also cover small boxes in festive wrapping paper and use them as risers.


Product Reco: 

1. Beeswax Candles 


    Caticorn Dreams Natural Handpoured Beeswax Candle by Caticorn, P380.00 

Put place cards and menu

Keep your Christmas get-together extra fun and exciting for your family and your guests. Print out the menu in a nice specialty paper and put in on top of each plate. Giving them an idea of what to expect will surely whet their appetite. 


Another way of making them feel special is by having place cards as well. If you have a knack for calligraphy, you can write their names down. If you want to add a festive touch, you can even add a teeny ribbon on top. As you know, the little details matter the most. 


Get “Insta-worthy” food

Speaking of the menu, getting “Instagrammable” food dishes will surely liven up your dinner table. Aperitif is well known for their grazing boards, decadent cakes, and their caviar pie with 24k gold leaf and salmon on top, which Karla says is “a spectacle on its own” (we agree with her on this one). 


Karla also says that homemakers can also make their grazing table at home by using local cheese, wine, cold cuts, and festive fruits. 


Having a festive Christmas celebration does not necessarily mean frittering away money. You can still be the hostess with the most even on a budget!


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