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Jun 30, 2020

Going Solo: 12 Quick Tips on Living Independently

Going solo can elicit one of two emotions, either you become excited or you feel anxious. In reality, it is quite challenging since aside from having to take care of yourself, you’re now also responsible for taking care of your home. But don’t fret. While it isn’t #livingthelife all the time, solo living also isn’t something to panic over. In fact, it can be really great. Here are 12 tips to help you get settled into that independent life.

1.      Have a plan – Part of moving into a new place is planning how you want to make it feel like a home. You don’t need to hire a professional—just search online for design inspirations, make a list of the items and furniture you want, and go from there. The important thing is to start with a plan.

2.      Don’t let your place become a dumpster – One of the biggest challenges of living alone is the cleaning. Invest in storage items where you can store things away. Buy collapsible racks that you can repurpose when you start acquiring more things. Also, cleaning tools—don’t forget to buy them.

3.      Buy only necessary items – If you have the budget, it’s easy to get carried away when buying stuff. So, make sure you buy only a few but high-quality items. Instead of a couple of lounge chairs, invest in a quality sofa. Planning on buying two different mirrors? Get a nice full-body mirror instead. Quality over quantity.

4.      Spice it up – An artwork, a funky wallpaper, or even a cool-looking plant can do a lot to spicing up for your place to make it look more alive. You’ll never know who might go visit, right?

5.      Have a work area – Having a separate work area, no matter how small, is a nice way to organize your new place and make yourself more productive. It doesn’t need to be a grand office. A nice desk, an ergonomic chair, and a drawer for your work stuff is a nice start. Also, don’t forget to have a desk lamp that can also double as an area accent.

6.      Have a relaxing lounge – If you have a work area, then you should have a place where you can relax. Having one simple lounge chair with a standing lamp can be used to read a book, have a few drinks, or even meditate on. We all need to take a break once in a while.

7.      Be extra cautious about security – Gone are the days when you can leave your door unlocked. But before that, make sure the lock works in the first place. Take inspiration from the K-Dramas you have seen where most houses featured have a sleek, electronic door lock system. Better yet, buy additional locks, a CCTV kit, or alarm systems online. Better be safe than sorry.

8.      Have a space to host visitors – Having people over is a good break from all the solo thinking you do alone. A sofa-bed or a couple of inexpensive bar stools is all you need to have a good time with friends or family. Add an area rug for that additional homey vibe.

9.      Organize your most-used items – Unless you’re working from home, you will have a couple of items you bring almost daily to the office like your keys, watch, shoes, and others. Put them in a bin or storage cabinet near the door so you won’t have to spend an hour every day trying to find them.

10.  Have a budget and stick to it – Setting up a place can be expensive and having a budget makes sure you buy the items you need at the right time. Last thing you want is getting that coveted kitchen table and not having enough left to pay for rent the next day.

11.  Learn new skills – Yup, it’s now time for you to learn new skills since no one will do it for you. Whether it’s installing a new light fixture, ironing your clothes, or even just washing the dishes, learning new skills will only be beneficial to you both now and in the long run.

Enjoy it – Solo living, if done right, is an amazing situation to be in. You’ll have all the privacy and autonomy that a lot of people only dream about. So, if you’re given that opportunity, don’t forget to take it all in and enjoy it. Preferably with a sip of wine or whisky while on your (hopefully) clean sofa. 

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