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Dec 18, 2020

Make Your Holiday Meal Preps A Breeze With These 10 Handy Kitchen Gadgets

Photo by: Unsplash

'Tis the season to be jolly, pop the champagne and enjoy all the delicious Christmas dishes. But most homemakers know what goes behind the scenes—and that is cooking like there’s no tomorrow. 


Indeed, the Holiday season earns the top spot for being the busiest cooking time of the year. And to pull off a show-stopping Christmas spread with all the trimmings, having the proper kitchen tools and gadgets is a must to keep your sanity intact and ready to enjoy the festivities. 


Yes, even a simple cutting board can help save precious meal prep time or prevent unwanted accidents from happening in the kitchen. We have rounded up these kitchen buddies that will work as hard as Santa’s elves to make this Holiday season the most wonderful time of the year: 


Scanpan Cutting Set - 4 Piece 

Since we are on the subject of cutting boards, first off our wish list (and perhaps even yours) is this four-piece cutting set from Scanpan. It comes with a non-stick board and three different and multi-colored knives perfect for cutting up cheeses, fruits, meats, and veggies. 

Scanpan Cutting Set 4 piece for P2,940 - Shop here

Scanpan Cutting Board with Mezzaluna

Another cutting board that we have our eyes on. Chopping and mincing your ingredients is made more efficient with this Scanpan wooden cutting board with Mezzaluna. It’s made from European Beechwood making it environmentally-friendly, durable, and low maintenance.

Scanpan Cutting Board Mezzaluna for P4,650 - Shop here

Scanpan 3 Piece Carving Set 

Having carving tools can help make the most daunting task of cutting meat manageable. This 3-piece carving set is a cut (pun intended) above the rest with its stainless steel finish and sturdy handles.

Scanpan 3 Piece Carving Set - Classic for P5,650 - Shop here

Brabantia Cheese Slicer 

Holiday celebrations are not complete without wine, and what best goes with it? Cheese! This Brabantia Cheese Slicer is designed to cut through soft cheeses like Camembert, Brie, feta, and more. Its sharp and short blades allow cheese to slide through it without sticking. You can also use this to cut veggies like cucumbers and carrots. Once done, just pop this baby in the dishwasher and you can just relax and sip on your bubbly. 

Brabantia Cheese Slicer for P850 - Shop here

Joseph Joseph Nest Utensil Compact Kitchen Tool Set 

This toolset from Joseph Joseph keeps all your ladles in one place. Save yourself the trouble of looking for the right sauce scooper as you cook with this ladle set. Each spoon server comes with a magnetic handle allowing you to stack them easily

Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils Compact Stacking Kitchen Tool Set 

with Magnetic Storage Stand Nylon, 5 piece for P2,590.00

Shop here


Brabantia Whisk Small

Sometimes, homemakers find it difficult to look for a mixing bowl that will fit the size of their whisks. Whether you are preparing sauces or sweet treats, this small whisk from Brabantia comes in the perfect size that will fit even your tiniest mixing bowl. Its smooth surface guarantees to keep your non-stick cookware free from damage. 

Brabantia Whisk Small-profile Line Black Non-stick for P670.00

Shop here

Baker’s Secret Muffin Pan 

Sure, you can craft one from a simple foil sheet, but with a muffin pan like this one from Baker’s Secret, you get the perfect-sized treats every time. Aside from muffins, you can also use this to bake cupcakes and even savory delicacies like quiche. Its grey non-stick silicone-based coating allows for easy release of your goodies. 

Baker's Secret Muffin Pan for P602.78 (SRP 669.75) 

Shop here

Europro 3 Piece Cookie Cutter 

Make your already delicious cookie more enjoyable with this cutter set. Comes in assorted shapes like star, circle, and flower. Best part? Aside from these cookies being part of your holiday spread, you can even bake more and gift to your loved ones. After all, ‘tis is also the season to pile on the pounds. 

Europro 3 Piece Cookie Cutter for P206.78 (SRP P229.75)

Shop here

Slique 5 in 1 Defrosting Tray Set 

One of the secrets to a good steak is to properly defrost the meat. While microwaving may seem like the fastest solution, you lose all the juices in doing so. This defrosting tray set is made with aluminum alloy that speeds up the defrosting process by up to 10 times so that you can enjoy your juicy steaks sooner. No need to plug it in or use hot water, just place your meat on top and watch it thaw. Use this for any type of meat, even poultry, and fish. 

Slique 5 in 1 Defrosting Tray Set for P1484.78 (SRP P1649.75)

Shop here

Digital Kitchen Scales Round 

Another nifty tool that all homemakers should have is a digital kitchen scale. It lets you measure your ingredients properly, so you get the perfect recipe every time. What’s more, this eliminates the need for smaller tools such as measuring cups and spoons and speeds up prep time as you spend less time cleaning up. 

Digital Kitchen Scales Round for P3,870 


Christmas is upon us, so shop for these kitchen gadgets now and have a blast cooking for the holidays. 

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