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Fees & Payment Policy


  1. THE NEST GENIE commission fees are as seen below. These fees are inclusive of payment gateway and insurance for each item. See fees breakdown below:

  2. 25% for furniture, hardware category and appliance category

    20% for home decor and accessories, bathroom, beddings and pillows, kitchen and dining, Nest baby, pet care, storage and cleaning categories

    15% for anti-covid19 and food category

    The fee will be in effect upon receipt of successful registration as a seller unless otherwise agreed upon between seller and THE NEST GENIE. You may contact us thru [email protected] for any inquiries regarding fees.

  3. The Seller will be billed a shipping fee in amount discussed and agreed upon by both parties in the Shipping fees provided in the seller handbook. This will be in effect to this agreement unless otherwise agreed upon between seller and THE NEST GENIE.

  4. Consumers or Customers will pay shipping fee if purchase of item sold is below PHP5,000.00. On the other hand, if purchased item is above PHP5,000.00, it will be paid by the Seller.

    This will be in effect to this agreement unless otherwise changed and will be notified by THE NEST GENIE should there be any alterations.


Just as The Nest Genie together with you as the Seller give importance to the clients: customers – The Nest Genie wants to ensure that you are given priority and importance as well. What better way is to ensure in payments are in order for your continued patronage and business.

  1. Payment Method and Terms

    1. The Nest Genie carries out financial payment reconciliations twice a month, this is every 15th and 30th of the Month.
    2. The following variables need to be considered in costs before arriving to the final payment reconciliation:

      • - Price of the delivered items
      • - Commission
      • - Payment Terms
      • - Transport or Shipping Cost
      • - Returns

      Here are the timelines for better understanding:


      12th of the month

      26th of the month


      27th of the previous month up to the 12th of the current month

      13th until 26th of the current month


      15th of the current month

      30th of the current month


      22nd of the month

      7th of the succeeding month

    3. If the payment date falls on a weekend or Holiday, schedule will be moved to the next business/working day.
    4. Any discrepancies regarding the billing statement sent to the Seller should be reverted back within 3 business days upon receipt. Discrepancies reported will lead to movement of payment reconciliation date. If such statement is received without any claims, the statement will be deemed correct.
    5. All payments will be done through online bank transfer or Bank deposit of details provided by you in the application form. The Nest Genie will send the proof of payment and online receipt to Sellers email account for verification of the amount transferred as agreed in the supply and services agreement.
    6. A copy of seller receipt should be inserted inside the package and receipt should be addressed to the customer with customer price. Seller will issue a collection receipt or acknowledgement receipt to TNG for the net amount TNG remits to seller and TNG will issue a receipt to SELLER for the commission that TNG made on the said item, this receipt can be picked up at TNG office (Unit 502 Manta 2 Building Limbo Street, Kalayaan Makati city.)

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