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Penalties & Fines

A penalty may occur due to the following reasons:

1. Illegal Business

You have registered a false business or are not registered by the government as a legitimate seller. Being involved in illegal trading or product smuggling also counts as “illegal business.”

Penalty Fee:  Php15,000.00

How to avoid: Ensure that all permits and licenses are accurate and up to date. The Nest Genie imposes strict compliance at all times to avoid any reputational risk.

2. Cancellation

If customers cancel or withdraw orders because of the following reasons: inaccurate stock inventory, wrong pricing, or expected delivery has changed.

Penalty Fee:  5% of the customer purchase amount

How to avoid: Always update your stocks at The Nest Genie Seller Center. Make sure that product availability, pricing, and details are up to date.

3. Customer Refunds

If customers are not satisfied with orders that result to return requests and order changes for the following reasons: product misrepresentation, wrong product delivered, no product delivered, and defective/damaged product. This is determined via investigation by TNG and/or customer feedback.

Penalty Fee:  5% of the amount to be refunded will be charged to the seller. Shipping and delivery fees will also be added.

How to avoid: Make sure that your product descriptions are accurate and inventory should always be monitored closely. Upon order alert, guarantee that product checklist is complete and product is in pristine condition.

4. Inappropriate Packaging

Your packaging is not up to par with The Nest Genie’s standards based on the guidelines provided. Substandard product packaging maybe due to: wrong packaging, tampered/broken product seals , recycled packaging, or incomplete/incorrect product inclusions. This is determined via investigation and/or customer feedback.

Penalty Fee:  Php500.00

How to avoid: Strictly follow the packaging guidelines. Double-check your package’s professional image and durability.

5. Transit Delays

You have failed to meet the scheduled delivery and pick-up times because of preparation delays and/or failure to pick-up the product.

Penalty Fee:  Php350.00 + shipping fee costs

How to avoid: Take note of the coordination guidelines for pickup and delivery so you can efficiently meet and exceed the customer’s expectations regarding product shipping.

6. Seller Information

Unauthorized change of seller details such as pick up address and bank details.

Penalty Fee:  additional cost of shipping charges or 200 pesos whichever is higher

How to avoid: Please make sure to inform your accounts manager any revisions in seller information at least 3 days prior to changes.

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